ASF Sapphire Glass Displays From GT Advanced Technologies Offer Improved Durability And Confidentiality

By: Shawn Arshad @ Seeking Alpha.

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Published on: Mar. 10, 2014 3:01 AM ET

Superficial scratches are not only damaging in and of itself, they usually occur over the area touch screen devices have most contact. Given that most devices contain touch screen encryption, including swipe pattern recognition, many of these superficial scratches allow unauthorized users to gain access to information on the device. This decreases the level of confidentiality devices provide. Scratches and cracks have resulted in increased repair costs, security breach, decreased screen resolution, and unsatisfied customers. Analysis of mechanical, optical, and electrical properties of five leading display technologies suggest replacement of popular Corning (NYSE:GLW) products with GT Advanced Technologies (NASDAQ:GTAT) ASF Glass; second in durability to diamond.

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