Investing 101:
During the financial crisis, while everyone was forfeiting their faith in the NYSE, Shawn cracked open the books. After reading “Stocks For The Long Run” by Jeremy Siegel and other educational texts, Shawn grasped the dexterity, finesse, and familiarity to fathom the complexities involved in strategic approaches towards investing in equities. His expertism in market research from a technical, qualitative, and quantitative perspective were validated through his work as a financial journalist.
Beginning in Q4 of 2013, Shawn began writing for over 4 million members on Seeking Alpha’s platform. Through extensive market research on over ten industries, he has published 19 articles. Shawn’s articles have merited not only approval by Seeking Alpha’s virtuoso editors, however, distribution to CNBC, Morningstar, NASDAQ, Thomson Reuters, WSJ: Marketwatch, Google Finance, and many other media outlets.
Six month performance calculations on his publications, have demonstrated total returns greater than 60%.
Shawn still considers himself as a student in the field of market research; always striving to learn more. He hopes this website will help others, like it helped him, gain confidence in long-term investments.
Disclaimer: Shawn Arshad is not certified to give financial advice. Although well researched, please do your own research prior to investing. Shawn is not responsible for any actions one makes based on the information he provides.
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